For as long as I remember, I always felt fascinated by photography. As an adolescent, I began experimenting with light-sensitive materials, spending countless hours in the darkroom and taking my first pictures.

In 1974 I began studying photographic techniques at the Fine Arts Section of the École des Arts et Métiers in Luxembourg.
During a year and a half I got familiar with the field of photography at a photographic studio, before resuming my studies at the Fine Arts Section of the École des Arts et Métiers, which I graduated in 1977. Thus, in 2014, I became an independent photographer and a freelance graphic designer.


For more than three decades I had a successful career as a graphic designer and art director, as a freelance and at various communication agencies, yet I never abandoned my early passion.

In my photographic works I tend to capture the infiniteness of light that will be revealed only to those who spare the time to observe nature. Since the autumn of 2015, I am exhibiting my impressions from Belgium, Bulgaria, Crete, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, North Macedonia, Portugal, Scotland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The black & white records the ephemeral evanescent metamorphosis of nature. To obtain results more suited to my perception, I use classical black-and-white filters (red, orange, polarising and infrared) in order to approximate my view of lights and contrasts, while reducing to a minimum the interventions after the shooting. The processes used are very similar to the ones in the darkroom.


Pepe Pax  2020